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Deb Bartlette, Creator and Designer


4 Dog Night Creations was started by Deb in fall 2017. Focusing on Yukon-specific materials and themes (fireweed is a particular favourite) in Christmas ornaments and knick-knacks, 4 Dog Night Creations is expanding its presence and product line.    

Deb grew up doing various types of embroidery and needlepoint, taught by her grandmother and mother.  When her children were young, she made toys, clothing and craft items for them and their home. Busy with her career for a number of years, she did not return to craft and needle work until moving to the Yukon in 2010.  Growing up as the granddaughter of a Russian-Mennonite refugee and a French-Canadian Metis, she was surrounded by a rich tradition of artisanship ranging from quilt and lace-making to indigenous quill and beadwork. While she recalls sitting as a young child underneath her grandmother’s quilting frames while groups of ladies gathered in quilting bees, her exposure to indigenous work was mainly via displays and museums.  “I’ve always admired First Nations and Metis beadwork and quillwork but didn’t really have an opportunity to learn about it first hand until I came to the Yukon”. 

In her first winter in Whitehorse, Deb took a moccasin-making course from Shelby Blackjack and didn’t look back. As her spare time allowed, she played with traditional and personal/contemporary designs on slippers, clothing, Christmas stockings, key rings and other items for friends and family, continuing to connect with Shelby and other beaders, such as Liz Bosely and Shirley Frost, and to talk with Elders about beading whenever she had the opportunity. “Women have been very generous in sharing tips and techniques. It is a kind of beading sisterhood, really”. 

In recent years, Deb has worked more with fur. The recent unFURled event in Whitehorse was a great opportunity to learn more about the fur industry and to see what other artists and craftspeople are creating from fur.  

Deb continues to experiment with different types of beads and other materials. She particularly admires and is inspired by the work of Metis beading artist Lisa Shepherd and Ojibwe beading artist Jessica Gokey and local artist Teresa Vander Meer-Chasse of White River First Nation. “I especially like Teresa’s contemporary take on beading.”  

Deb continues to take inspiration for her work from the being on the land in the beautiful Yukon.

My coat


My "Yukonized" coat is full of appliqued flowers, bead embroidery and antler buttons.  Trimmed with coyote cuffs and collar, it got me started on some serious beading!

Yukon-themed Christmas ornaments


I love fireweed!   I make Christmas ornaments with fireweed and other themes.  Check out the gallery.

Made in the Yukon

Proudly using sustainably and ethically harvested northern fur 

New Products and Designs

Boot Toppers!


New product.  Available for tall or short boots, in a variety of fur types and beaded designs.  Silver fox with beaded fireweed shown here.  More photos in the gallery.

New designs


Beaded mandala designs.  Not yet sure what these will be.  Frig magnets? Fur brooch centres?  Mounted in frames?

More new designs

3D contemporary design.

Contemporary beadwork with 3D elements. 

Traditional and contemporary


This new design blends materials like porcupine quill, fur and antler button with contemporary materials. 

Zipper pulls


Micro-mittens, for zipper pulls, purse charms or key rings.  Zipper pull shown here. 

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